Security Applications - Data Collection

Securing Property

Protecting property and the people who reside there is a critical consideration for building managers. Many times it isn’t enough to make every effort to protect; you need to be able to prove it. You can, with Videx data collectors and security applications for guard tours! When the security guard touches an iButton®, the Videx reader records the button’s ID, the date, and the time into its memory. An iButton is a small metal container about the diameter of a dime. It contains a microchip with a unique ID.  Therefore, it cannot be duplicated. The data collector’s audit trail proves that the guard checked the location of the iButton at the recorded time.

Cell Checks

There is a lot that can happen when a corrections officer performs a cell check. Being responsible for the care, custody, and control of inmates who are resistant to control can be a challenge. Videx data collectors with security applications provide help. An officer can read the barcode or touch the iButton next to a cell and then enter the condition of the inmate in that cell. When the reader syncs the data to a computer, the software creates a report that shows when the cells were checked and the condition of each inmate. This leads to more accurate reporting and takes a little of the workload off of the officers.

Solution Providers

Videx data collectors have been helping to provide security to people all over the world for over a quarter century. There are a number of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who have written software to provide a variety of solutions to help secure property and lives.

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