Healthcare Applications - Data Collection

In the Patient Room

Doctors and nurses should spend more time with their patients and less time doing paperwork. Videx data collectors and healthcare applications help by speeding up the work while increasing accuracy. They ensure that supplies don’t run out. The provider touches an iButton® or reads a barcode to identify the patient and then does the same for each of the supply items used. Then they place the reader back in its base station.  The unit sends the data to the server, which instantly updates inventory. Consequently, this greatly reduces shortages in supplies.

In the Operating Room

Healthcare applications are also used to track the use of supplies and devices in the operating room. The application can  link item usage to a patient’s electronic medical record, which helps assure quality. Users can scan individual items or a pre-set order card with a standard set of items for a particular procedure. The application can automatically send product usage and re-order requests to materials management or the manufacturer when the inventory falls below a pre-determined level. This assures that the items for surgery are available when needed.

In the Lab

Tracking the many chemicals used in laboratories can be labor intensive. Manually gathering this information takes away from valuable research time and the resulting inventory listings lack accuracy. Videx data collectors and healthcare applications can accurately track and report chemicals and supplies while meeting safety and regulatory requirements. They help to effectively manage chemicals from receipt to disposal. This assures accurate chemical safety and inventory data to address regulatory requirements.

Wherever It’s Needed

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