Videx Headquarters

Company History

Videx, Inc. is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of data collection and access control products, including the award winning CyberLock system. Through a combination of advanced design equipment and highly innovative people, Videx has become known for its ability to take a design from concept to production in a short period of time. Videx designs, manufactures, and distributes products directly from its headquarters located in Corvallis, Oregon.

Videx began its business in 1979 by creating a video card enhancement solution for Apple computers. Videx increased the line of Apple and Macintosh enhancement products to include microprocessor-based keyboard enhancers, advanced printer interface cards, and productivity software.

In 1985 Videx launched its next major product line, portable data collection terminals. Housed in rugged metal cases that stand up to the rigors of harsh environments, their lasting performance and durability established new benchmarks within the data collection industry. The product line includes both portable handheld barcode scanners and iButton readers.

While researching the lock and security industry, Videx saw the need for a durable, intelligent, electronic lock cylinder that could be energized from the battery in a smart key. In the Spring of 2000, Videx introduced CyberLock, a product so innovative that it was immediately recognized by the security industry as an exciting break-through technology. Since its introduction, CyberLock has been honored with many national and international “product of the year” awards.

The number of CyberLock cylinder designs surpassed 200 in 2006 and continues to grow. The diversity of cylinders available provides solutions worldwide for tracking access to doors, padlocks, safes, cabinets, gates, control boxes, desks, containers, cargo bays, vending machines, and more. Continuing development of innovative hardware and software consistently adds new features and benefits to the CyberLock family.

In 2013, CyberLock, Inc., was spun off as an independent company, but strong ties remain between Videx and CyberLock, Inc. Both companies make customer satisfaction the number one priority, exemplified in the belief that the ultimate success of any company is realized through manufacturing a quality product and providing outstanding customer support.