Videx data collectors lend themselves well to many agriculture applications due to their rugged design. Here are just two examples of how our readers can streamline agricultural activities, adding accuracy and accountability.

Farm Labor Tracking

Our products help ensure proper farm laborer payment. Workers bring their containers to a station where a supervisor records their ID.  The ID can be an iButton®, barcode, or RFID tag. The Videx device stores the ID, date, and time. The agriculture application can export the data, and the corporate office can import it into their payroll program for accurate and efficient payroll processing.

Cotton Boll Weevil Control

Cotton boll weevils cost the U.S. agricultural industry millions of dollars a year due to crop damage. Videx data collectors have helped to virtually eradicate this pest. USDA employees distributed traps all over the cotton farming landscape. An inspector counts the boll weevils in each trap, then scans the barcode on the trap and enters the number into the reader. This remotely collected data from the agriculture application is uploaded to the central computer. Finally, the agency dispatches crop dusting airplanes to just the right areas. Although these traps are still being used today, they are most often empty.

A Bigger Picture

Videx is pleased to play a part in the delivery of food and textiles to the consumer. We have a number of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who have created a variety of agriculture applications to help in all aspects of the trade and its final products.

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